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And Finding! Entering a new church for the first can be a daunting experience. How will I be accepted? What is the worship like? Will someone greet me… invite me to coffee hour? Where’s the Nursery? Do they have lively kid and youth groups? Bible study groups? Are they active in the community? 

Here at Central Park Church we like to think we’re known for being friendly, loving and accepting of all who come to worship and seek the Lord here.

We hope you find answers to some of your questions below and on the other pages of our website. Or, come in for a visit and anyone from our congregation will be happy to lead you to the right place.


 Who We Are

Central Park Church is a multi-generational church with a long history in the Holland community. We are intentional about building connections between people of all ages, stages, and walks of life are committed to incorporating traditional and contemporary music into worship.

Our congregation has a heart for the Central Park neighborhood and greater Holland community. We are eager to find ways to identify and meet the needs of people around us.

What We Believe

We are a congregation of the Reformed Church in America. Our Reformed theology is central to our worship and mission here at Central Park Church.

Click on the button below to read our foundational confessions and key beliefs.


What We Value


We value engagement. Everyone having a place to plug in and finding a spot to serve. As individuals and as a congregation, we are engaged in the life of our community.

Crossing Boundaries

We don't want to be comfortable and play it safe. It often takes just one simple step to open up a conversation and connect at a deeper level. We are intentional about crossing social, economic, racial, and physical boundaries to understand what is going on in the lives of people around us.

Meeting Needs

We want to serve people in our community who are ignored, neglected, or otherwise marginalized. Like Jesus, we seek to truly listen and engage in practical, meaningful ways that provide a new lease on life.


We are eager to see our church, our neighborhood, and our greater community become all tht God intends us to be. We seek to help people live into the infinite blessings of our Creator's design for all of humanity today.